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Words Cannot Convey My Appreciation

Madeline thank you for your outstanding legal expertise and for always being there for me. I wanted to express my deepest gratitude for your exceptional legal services.

Your professional guidance, attention to detail, and relentless dedication to my case have made all the difference.

Throughout this challenging journey, your unwavering support has provided me with a sense of security and confidence.

Your expertise and compassion have been instrumental in achieving a favorable outcome.

Words cannot adequately convey my appreciation for all that you have done for me. I am truly grateful to have you as my lawyer, and I consider myself fortunate to have your friendship.

- JN

Persistence and Tenacity

Ms. McIntosh's service was INVALUABLE to be approved for my disability. Her persistence and tenacity to get to the actual judge made all the difference in the world. She believed in me - and my case. I could never have made it through without her. Thank you, Ms. McIntosh.

- JT

No One Takes the Time Like She Does

The things she did for me I have never seen an attorney do for their client before. I was alone in this, and she came to see me 2 times in ICU, and she went to 2 doctor appointments. No one takes the time like she does. She called several times a week just to see how I was doing. She became a caring friend. I couldn't have had a better attorney / friend. After 3 years fighting to get disability by myself, I was awarded my disability and I couldn't have done this without Ms. McIntosh. She is a wonderful person that will fight for what you need and what is right. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for caring about me and showing me I wasn't alone.

- DL

I Can Never Thank Her Enough

A five-star review is far too small for what The law Office of Madeline McIntosh deserves. She truly deserves awards and accolades for the services she offers. I've never dealt with an attorney that was the further thing from an attorney. She has been more like a close caring family member or friend than someone I do business with. And if you're needing disability isn't that more of who you want on your side?! Someone that will treat you like a friend or family member!

I finally after years and years found an attorney that will help me and has shown true concem for me and my situation.

I've given up trying many times and was ready to once again finally call it quits believing I'd never find anyone to help, explain things act like an advocate or anything else.

Ms. McIntosh is extremely knowledgeable and concerned about her clients.
I can never thank her enough for taking the time to help me when so many others refused.

She even allowed me to vent my frustrations over the absolute lack of care and concern I've received in the past from so many others.

If you need help I highly recommend calling her and seeing if she can do anything at all for you. She's incredible and I couldn't ask for anyone better to assist me in this situation!

She works hard, she's loyal and concerned. She fights for you and your case. And she is totally honest and transparent with you every step of the way.

If you need an attomey that specializes in disability and knows alot of other areas to help you or guide you Ms. McIntosh is the attomey you want to speak with first and hire if at all possible! She will fight harder for you than anyone! And you deal with her directly. You don't deal with office aides and whoever else like you will with other attorney offices.

- JS

Best Lawyer in Town

I cannot recommend Madeline McIntosh enough! She is an outstanding Social Security Disability Attorney who truly cares about her clients. Madeline went above and beyond to help me navigate the complex and often overwhelming disability application process. From our very first meeting, she listened intently to my concerns and offered thoughtful guidance and advice.

What sets Madeline apart from other attorneys is her commitment to dealing with clients one-on-one. Unlike big law firms that give you a case manager and you never get to speak with an actual attorney, Madeline is always available to answer your questions and address any concerns you have. She provides personal attention and guidance, and her professionalism and expertise are second to none.

Throughout the entire process, Madeline was there for me every step of the way. Her level of skill and expertise in dealing with the administrative law judge was truly impressive, and her dedication to my case was unwavering. In the end, Madeline's hard work paid off, and I was awarded my disability benefits. I am incredibly grateful for her commitment and support, and I would highly recommend her to anyone in need of a Social Security Disability Attorney.

- JA