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Expedited Applications for Veterans with 100% Permanent and Total Disability

May 6, 2020

Veterans who have been evaluated by their primary care doctors at the Veteran's Administration (VA), and have been rated as 100% permanent and totally disabled may receive expedited processing of their application for disability benefits.

Yes, the VA has its own disability payments, but it is unlike Social Security. Each government agency has its own program processes and benchmarks for eligibility.

Even if the VA concludes that the impairment is 100% total and permanent it is no assurance that a claimant will receive disability payments. If the claimant is awarded disability benefits this won't interfere with receiving Social Security disability benefits.

With regard to Social Security disability insurance benefits a claimant has to meet statutorily defined criteria.

A claimant must be unable to work due to the impairment, and the medical condition must have lasted or be expected to last 12 months, or result in the claimant's death.

If you are a Veteran and would like to have your file expedited, we at the Law Office of Madeline M McIntosh are happy to assist you with this. We can file your claim online for you. If you choose, you may call the Social Security telephone number (800)-772-1213. You are also able to apply in person at a local Social Security Office and you must have an appointment to do so.

Most veterans who meet the criteria for being 100% totally and permanently disabled are automatically identified by the Administration. Occasionally, it may take a letter from your health care provider as proof you meet the criteria.

Normally, it may take some claimant's with non-expedited claims, up to 13 months after appeals to have their cases determined by an Administrative Law Judge. However, for expedited cases it depends on the nature of the condition, and the timeliness of medical records received by Social Security. Sometimes, the Administration will have their own medical consultant examine your impairment to support your claim or speaking with your provider to gain clarification regarding your disability.

Once you have successfully been awarded Social Security disability benefits, you are entitled to Medicare benefits. After two years of receiving your disability benefits, you automatically receive Medicare coverage.

We at the Law Office of Madeline M McIntosh are here to discuss your disability claim further. Please contact us today to make an appointment.

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